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Dr. John W. Hall JR. : B.ARCH, D.C
Palmer Graduate
"We work hard to turn promises into realities"

Patient #1 - MC

Dr. Hall looks at success in terms of results, not fees. He judges a case by how well he delivers his promises to his patients. He tries to find the right way to do the job in each patient visit. He believes the best results begin with the most effective approach.

My Story: When I first came to Dr. Hall it was because of injuries from a car accident. All I was interested in was getting rid of the pain and discomfort in my neck, shoulder and lower back the best way possible. At that time, my insurance didn't cover chiropractic care, so initially I went to a doctor that prescribed pain medicine, muscle relaxants, and heat for my discomforts. All my life I had been taught to take medications for pain. I wanted to try an alternative approach, so I consulted Dr. Hall about my situation. He has taught me that if something is out of alignment with the spine, other parts of the body have to compensate. Pain is a symptom. Find the cause, correct it and the symptoms will be eliminated. The care that I have received from Dr. Hall has not only made me feel better physically, but also mentally. I continue to have regular appointments to stay on top of things and I find his help and support very beneficial. I completely trust his care, advice, and friendship and I hope to continue to be under his care.

Patient #2 - CC

Dr. Hall and staff do things differently than most doctor's offices. Their patient's goals become their goals by listening to what they have to say, they work with their patients, to help them reach them.

My Story: I started out with Dr. Hall quite a few years ago. I could not put one foot before the other. By coming to Dr Hall on a regular basis, I am doing very well. Dr. Hall is about results and not just about the money. He has a wonderful personality. Stick with him and he will help you, but help him too by doing what he says.

Dr. Hall is devoted and committed to getting the job done. His personality is both motivational and professional. He is familiar with a wide range of techniques and experiences to accomplish his job. He works closely with his patients. Dr. Hall is genuinely interested in providing suggestions to improve the quality of life for his patients.

Patient # 3 - CM

My Story: I first came to Dr. Hall over a year ago. I had gotten to the pint that I couldn't bend over and pick up anything without severe tightness and pain. At times, it was difficult for me to stand from a sitting position. Dr. Hall took x-rays and quickly assessed my situation. He advised me on exercises and informed me that I need to sit in a higher chair. Dr. Hall performed corrective alignment on my spine and I could finally walk without traumatic discomfort. He informed me that just like it took a long time for me to get to this point that over time, with adjustments, I could again perform lifting duties in moderation. For over a year I've received excellent treatment. He has tried numerous methods of treatment to strengthen and correct my back problems. I am currently working on a strength program with occasional alignments to better my over all functioning level.

You couldn't ask for a better qualified, professional, and courteous staff. The scheduling, atmosphere, and competence of Dr. Hall's staff is superb. The cohesion and family atmosphere promotes healing in a non-stressful environment that foster relaxation. The atmosphere enables you to take a timeout form your busy, complex and frustrating world. It promotes the healing of the mind as well as the healing of improper spinal alignments and physical limitations.

Patient # 4 - TJ

My Story: I was introduced to chiropractic care in 1996.  The the warm office atmosphere and down to earth communication with Dr. John Hall was the beginning of a long and successful relationship.  I found through chiropractic care, alternatives to a lot of medical conditions that are usually addressed by drugs and surgery.  Chiropractic care has made several  health issues less complicated.  The chiropractic experience has change the way I view health care.  I'm looking forward to all that chiropractic has to offer.

Patient # 5 - JT

My Story: Dr. John Hall is a wonderful chiropractor. I came to him with back issues that went as far back as three months. The pain was unbearable. I couldn't raise my head above my knees for months. Now, I can walk pain free and straight up.

P.S. He's the man!

Patient # 6 - VS

My Story: I was in a world of pain and suffering, simple things such as household chores, yard work, work on the job, and outside activities became very hard and difficult to do.  I received Dr. Hall's office number from a co-worker under Dr.Hall's care.  They told me of the miraculous recovery received to prevent them from going into surgery.  Soon thereof, I became under Dr.Hall's care.  When visiting Dr.Hall's office for the first time there was a sense of relief and peaceful spirit.  A place you are welcomed with open arms, love, and concern.  Dr.Hall and his staff have so much knowledge, compassion, loyalty, and understanding.  I knew my pain would end.  The planning and research I saw them doing made me feel very secured.  They really knew what they were doing, when I received treatment and therapy, I immediately felt and saw a change.  I was able to perform all the things I mention earlier and much more.  No regrets, only one, not knowing Dr.Hall sooner so my suffering could be gone.

Patient # 7 - BT

My Story:  I started coming to Dr.Hall's approximately 5 years ago for different chiropractic treatments.  I found his concerns and care for his patients very helpful in his thorough examinations and manipulations top help us to be in better conditions going out, than we came in.  Also the atmosphere is a great aspect.  It is very calm and serene. He makes every attempt to utilize equipment and techniques to help us to have successful recoveries.  His staff are an asset to his practice  as well, they have a very warm, caring attitude toward each of their patients, in fact, with me.  They literally spoil me or just make  feel blessed to be apart of  the medical family.  I am very well pleased with his service and to have him as a friend.

Patient # 8 - DW

My Story:  Dr.Hall is an absolute miracle worker.  I love the fact that he can reduce and in my case eliminate pain altogether without medication.  Not only does he make you feel better, he makes you laugh , which is another healing tool in itself.

Patient # 9 - DS

My Story:  Amazing work!  I use to have terrible cramps that hinder me from doing daily activities such as walking and sitting. Dr.Hall adjustments helps me relieve my pain.  He informed me on what was actually causing the problem, and he instructed me on how to prevent them in the future.

Patient # 10 - RW

My Story:  Dr.Hall chiropractics has worked miracles.  Every appointment has been successful in eliminating my pain.  Thank You Dr.Hall!

Patient # 11 - DS

My Story:  My pain went away instantly!  Dr.Hall definitely has gifted hands.  He not only gave me excellent back care, he also made me more health conscious. 

Patient # 12 - BB

My Story:  I've been coming to Dr.Hall's for over 20 years, Since about the late 1980's.  My back was whacked out.  I found Dr.Hall's office in the yellow pages.  I come every month and I don't plan on changing my chiropractor any time soon.  I recommend him to many people.  I feel better every time I come to Dr.Hall's.

Patient # 13 - SD

My Story: I used to work at a hotel and I had a lot of problems dealing with my neck, head, and back.  I looked up a listed of doctors and I saw his name and I figured he was good. My thoughts were correct. I went to him and I haven't gone to any other doctor since him.  He helps me tremendously. 

Patient # 14 - E

My Story: I came to Dr. John Hall’s office in March of 2012.  When I first came to Back Care Specialist I was treated for symptoms related to my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  Before receiving Chiropractic treatment from Dr. John Hall I wore a foot brace, and often walked with a cane or a walker.  After my first visit with Dr. John Hall I immediately felt a difference in my body.  I regained strength and was able to take the foot brace off after wearing it for seven months.

I am proud to say that since 2012 I have not used my walker or my cane. Dr. John Hall has truly had a positive impact on my health, as he has saved me visits to the emergency room and helped slow down the progressive MS.  Since 2012 I continue to receive Chiropractic care from Dr. John Hall, on a weekly basis.  His dedication and compassion towards my treatment is always felt in each follow-up visit.  Most recently Dr. John Hall has treated me for an extreme migraine I had after falling and hitting my head.  Thank you Dr. John Hall and staff for your years of service, and for always making me feel like a million bucks after I leave the office!

Patient # 15 - GH

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Dr. John Hall
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